FB TraceManager

FB TraceManager 3.6

FB TraceManager is a semi-structured trace output for Firebird
3.6 (See all)

Receiving Firebird's default semi-structured trace output as with fbtracemgr is the first step as a necessity for more advanced features like a context-based parser, which transforms the raw trace output into easy understandable structured data with the optional capability to log trace data into an included Firebird database. Additional modules in Fb Trace Manager for browsing/accessing, reporting and data analysis tasks on logged trace data gives you a lot more than just receiving trace data from the Firebird server.
Key Features
- Unicode-enabled
- Multi-threaded for serving multiple server attachments simultaneously
- Register Firebird server attachments
- Register trace configurations (projects) for starting trace sessions
- Receive raw trace data output
- Log raw trace data into a Firebird database
- Parse raw trace data and transform it into a structured form
- Log parsed trace data into a Firebird database
- Import raw trace output file generated by e.g. fbtracemgr
- Browse logged trace data easily
- Reporting on logged trace data with customized reports built with the included report designer
- Define OLAP/pivot-like ad-hoc queries visually for advanced trace data analysis

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